Terms of Use

By participating in the Deranged Dollars affiliate program, you agree to the terms below. Any violation of these terms may result in you being banned from the program and the forfeiture of any earnings.

Avoidance of illegal, violent, or hateful venues

You agree to promote Deranged Dollars sites only in places that do not violate the law or promote violence or hate.

No fraudulent or familial sales

You may not refer yourself, your alternate identity, your family, or relatives to the site and claim revenue share from their purchases.

You may not use any fraudulent or illegal methods to general sales or traffic to our Web sites. This include misrepresenting our site in any way to potential members.

If you employ any kind of credit card fraud, we will report you to the credit card companies and government authorities.

Compliance with anti-SPAM laws

You agree not to SPAM potential members and to adhere to the CAN-SPAM act and all anti-SPAM laws.

Among other requirements, all promotional emails that you send must:

Transparency of promotion

Deranged Dollars staff must be able to access any Web site where you promote our content. If the content is password-protected, you must provide us with a password we can use to see what you are doing.

Preservation of branding elements

You may crop or resize our materials. You may also place a small text-only watermark naming your own site or program on promotional materials we provide to you, so long as the watermark does not obscure our own watermarks or URLs.

However, you agree not to remove any watermarks or URLs from our images, videos, or ads. You also agree not to modify our colors, fonts, or other branding elements.

Technical lapses

From time to time, we may experience technical failures or loss of service due to hosting issues, hardware issues, or software problems. You agree not to hold use responsible for losses due to these occurrences, but we will work in good faith to correct any errors or problems that arise.

No imitation of our Web sites or misappropriation of our intellectual property

You may not create a site that resembles any of our sites or that may be confused in any way with our sites or company.

You may not purchase any of the following terms or derivatives thereof from search engines or use them in your metadata or search engine optimization efforts:

No use of language that degrades or undermines the models in everyday life

You agree not to promote our products using language that suggests the models are overweight (fat, chubby, heavy, etc); anorexic or bulimic; ugly or unattractive; unintelligent or foolish; or financially desperate (doing the scene because they need the money, for example).

No support of pirate sites that harms our business

You agree not to upload any of our materials to sites whose business model is largely based on the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials.  You also agree to not to advertise on or provide other financial support to such sites.  Supporting these sites causes financial harm to our business and will not be tolerated.

Our right to terminate or change these terms

We reserve the right to terminate this agreement or the Deranged Dollars program at any time, regardless of cause. If we do so, you will be paid for all earnings up to that point in time, so long as you have not been determined to have violated these terms.

These terms may change. It is your responsibility to refer to this document from time to time so that you may be informed of any changes to the Terms and Conditions.

Surrender of right to use materials

If you are banned or if your account is closed for any reasons, you may no longer use the materials we provide to you to promote our site. Any continued use of the materials will be considered a violation of our intellectual property rights.